Sunday, 27 June 2010

To blog or not to blog?

For a number of reasons, I'm having to press the "pause" button on The Invisible Province. I don't think this is a bad thing as I've been blogging now for about six months and it is time to take stock. I have enjoyed the experience as it has forced me to look and think about things a bit more deeply. It's also been an opportunity to try and articulate my ideas. But, of course, a blog is primarily for others and to stimulate their ideas...I'm not so sure how successful this blog has been at doing that. But, thank you to all those who have read my posts during these past months.

So, maybe you have comments - positive or negative - about The Invisible Province. Please feel free to share them. I'm sure they will help me to decide whether to press "play" or "stop" in the future.


  1. What a great shame, there are very few blogs around that I have found, which actually cover the genre of ‘The Arts’ and ‘Culture’ and tie it all in with a deeper understanding of humankind, our aspirations, and our deeper sense of purpose for being here.

    I think you have a definite high profile platform for bridging the gap between a traditional faith and the contemporary world, one whose potential should not be under estimated. This is so important for the Catholic Church and even more so, to bring traditional values into focus in a vibrant context, to inspire and provoke deeper thinking in the wavering climes of a secular society. You just have to find creative ways to reach people.

    I myself have several faithless friends directed here, word of mouth initially takes time to increase the following. However what is important is not just the quantity reached, but the quality and the gravitas of the message received and even more so, the impact that message has as it filters through micro communities. I feel people may be avid followers, even if they are reluctant to interact and shy away from posting their opinions.

    My one criticism is that your writing and critiques are so thorough and final, that they often don’t leave an opportunity for interactions or an invitation for developing discussions, maybe a few more open ended questions. I for one have been inspired to view, read and experience some of the arts and culture that other wise would have passed me by. But mostly questions about my faith are being answered and explored and this is reinforcing it.

    Have faith in your blog :O)

  2. Sorry to hear you're stopping, Father Martin.
    I only just discovered this blog - enjoying it.

    Mick (an ex-parishioner of yours in Leigh-on Sea)

  3. Keep going! Even though it's very high-falluting and over my head I read it anyway and it's making me a more cultured person, full of bon mots!

  4. Dear Fr Martin,
    It is a like a breath of fresh air to read a blog like yours. You have addressed things which have broadened my mind and I am sure I cannot be alone.
    You do not mention what the 'number of reasons' are but I guess they are very private and I respect that they must remain so. However, please be encouraged at a later date to press the 'play' button again. Simon Rockley

  5. I only recently discovered your blog. It is very fresh and original. I hope you continue with your blog.

    Just be yourself and your audience will coalesce round you. However it takes time. Don`t be misled by the stated "criteria of success" for blogs.

    You will be amazed at some of the positive reactions which you will receive from all corners of the world. Usually I don`t publish these but they make blogging worthwhile.

  6. I enjoy reading your work enormously. It's great to see a priest with interests in the wider, cultural world and your reviews and thoughts have been wide ranging and thought provoking. Not many places cover football, photography, film and theatre.

    No doubt your time is stretched but more of the same would be very welcome.

  7. for some reason we cannot view the seventh comment

  8. Have enjoyed reading the blog - don't often find time to comment, but would be sorry to see it stop (although I understand the time pressures!)

    Sarah Barber

  9. Don't you dare give this up; your "blog" is intellectually stimulating and a breath of fresh air! Keep on keeping on............

  10. "to blog or not to blog" where for the answers!

  11. Please press PLAY. I am an American Catholic relocating to Brentwood for the next few years. I have had the honour of attending your services and following your blog for the last few months. I do appreciate your perspectives and the cerebral and social challenges you bring to the table.