Monday, 4 October 2010

Film Quiz

I have been exposed by my fellow priestly blogger, Stephen Wang, for what I really am: a nerdy cineaphile. It's true. There's no escaping my reality. His last film quiz provided me so much pleasure, especially his really difficult, cryptic clues. Now the fascinating Bridges and Tangents blog has stumbled upon a great film quiz from The Guardian newspaper...I'm doing okay at the moment, although a few of the film references have escaped me. Nerdy cineaphile, me?!


  1. LOL. This has made me smile. I Imagine many of us have been thinking this for a while....

    Is there such a word as XFactoraphile.... :-)

  2. Xfactoraphile? Absolutely, Damian. Sack Cheryl, bring back Gamu!

  3. :-) I must admit to being more than a little disappointed that the Italian wine tasting evening is clashing with the X Factor curtain raiser.

    What could the organisers have been thinking!!
    (thats the wine tasting organisers, not Simon and Louie.)

  4. always the Sunday afternoon catch up to enjoy, Damian! Big Mary to win!