Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Corpus Christi

Today, I received an e-mail claiming that Terence McNally's 1998 play, Corpus Christi, has been turned into a film and is about to be released. The e-mail was a rallying cry to stop the film being shown because of the perceived blasphemies contained in it.

There is, in fact, no film version of this play, let alone one about to be released. Internet rumours, such as this, stir up all sorts of hysterical emotions and attitudes of antagonism (usually directed at an individual or a particular group of people). The willingness to uncritically accept such rumours as truth, casts doubt over the motives and other beliefs such people hold to be true.

Such scurrilous internet activity does as much damage to the gospel of truth than any out-for-cheap-shocks play or film might.

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