Thursday, 9 May 2013


I have been writing The Invisible Province for the past three years and I have enjoyed doing so. The blog has provided me with an intellectual distraction. But I feel that it has run its course. It is time to hang up my mouse and consign The Invisible Province to blog history.

Thank you to my small band of “followers.” I hope there were things in The Invisible Province that you found stimulating, thought-provoking or entertaining.

Fr Martin Boland


  1. Leaving Facebook AND the blog?? I've enjoyed reading it for the past few years! I'll just have to come home more often to see you in person then! All the best, Annabel B x

  2. That's a great shame. I've enjoyed reading this.

    Best wishes


  3. I have enjoyed reading your blogs, now I'm heartbroken.

  4. I have only just seen this .. Such a great shame. An odd thing to say but putting aside the religious aspect of your blogs, I find your writing to be so insightful and thought provoking.

  5. I feel like I should protest like Dusting Hoffman in The Graduate ... Hammering on the glass screaming " Fathet Martin "... Such a shame